“…Active, articulate, and thoughtful” — an endorsement from Hannah Pingree

As a former legislator and leader in the State House, I worked closely with Brian Hubbell over the course of several years on key issues that impacted the island.  As a leader of the MDI school board, Brian was among the most active, articulate, and thoughtful people I encountered during that entire debate. His diligence and solution-oriented approach made a tremendous difference in negotiating a plan that kept the MDI area schools and system of governance intact, and allowed a great school system to continue and thrive.

Now, Brian Hubbell is running for the Maine State House and I can think of no better person to represent the island in the Maine Legislature.  I know his fair and reasonable approach will allow him to work with members on both sides of the aisle, but also make a difference on the issues that matter — especially to the communities of the coast.

I believe Brian will work passionately and intelligently on issues that matter for our state, from creating the jobs of the future, to protecting our environment, to educating opur kids. Whether chairing the MDI School System board, serving on a state-wide climate change task force, or chairing a local forestry committee, Brian has repeatedly shown his understanding for diverse issues and his commitment to community and state. He has proven he has a gift for explaining complicated issues, from tax policy to the school funding formula.

In a time when much of the news out of Augusta is about hot tempers and partisan battles, I can think of no better antidote than electing more people like Brian Hubbell to the State House.

Hannah Pingree,
North Haven

…a unique ability to get things done when the stakes are high, the time is short, and the pressure is on.

It is with the greatest pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse Brian Hubbell of Bar Harbor to become a member of the Maine House of Representatives.

I have known Mr. Hubbell for many years as a parent and school committee member during the time that I served as your superintendent of schools.

Brian has all the personal characteristics of a great leader. He is bright, hardworking, understanding, compassionate, and dedicated to doing the right thing all of the time to benefit the largest number of people possible.

He listens very carefully to all sides of an issue before making a decision that may have a profound effect on a person’s life and he does not take the impact of those decisions lightly.

Mr. Hubbell does not take no for an answer and can find his way to the root cause of a problem and work with the people to fix it with great tact and persistence.

Above all, Brian has a unique ability to get things done when the stakes are high, the time is short, and the pressure is on.

Brian Hubbell has been a selfless public servant for the citizens of MDI for many years. The time has come for those same citizens to broaden his positive influence on productive change and send him to AUgusta to represent them on the complex statewide issues that affect us all.

Robert Liebow,