Community support for a thoughtful, committed reformer

Next week area voters have a chance to send a thoughtful, committed reformer to Augusta, Brian Hubbell.

Brian’s opponent is a good man with his own record of public service in the town of Bar Harbor and if this election were merely a contest about local commitment the choice would not be easy. But the more significant choice on election day is about where we will go as a state in the next two years – in short, whether we continue down the path of habitual incivility, disdain for public health, contempt for labor, hostility to a clean environment, draconian Medicaid cutbacks, and attacks on the teaching profession. That is the path of Governor Paul LePage, as he has amply demonstrated.

It is not the path of Brian Hubbell.

Brian believes that government should serve all the people, not just the few. He believes that, working together, Maine people can chart a different course, a course that emphasizes equal opportunity, public investment in Maine’s children and infrastructure, and a streamlined regulatory environment that protects Maine people who rely on clean air and clean water as essential building blocks for strong families and good jobs.

During the previous administration, we watched with growing admiration as Brian, almost single-handedly, served as lead watchdog against the state’s initial overreach and then as public advocate for smarter school reform statewide. Consolidation was coming, but without Brian’s involvement in Augusta where he earned respect on both sides of the aisle, it would have been far less fruitful.

First as co-chair of MDI’s inter-municipal reorganization planning committee and then as the first chair of MDI’s new Regional School System, Brian has helped to shape island-wide school policy and gained the trust of his peers from other towns, demonstrating that he is a leader who is able and willing to keep an open mind – a rare trait in this era of increasing partisanship.

Because we believe Brian represents a welcome break with the recent past in Augusta, and because we know he will listen hard and work even harder, we urge voters in District 35 to send Brian to Augusta on Nov. 6.

Ruth Westphal, Cranberry Isles
Anne Welles, Southwest Harbor
Ray Vonder Haar, Bar Harbor
Jane Tawney, Southwest Harbor
Bonnie Tai, Bar Harbor
Jeri Spurling, Cranberry Isles
Kate St. Denis, Bar Harbor
Gail Royal, Southwest Harbor
Caroline Pryor, Mount Desert
Jason Pickering, Cranberry Isles
Maudie and John March, Mount Desert
Gail and Rick Leiser, Bar Harbor
Julian Kuffler, Mount Desert
Moorhead Kennedy, Mount Desert
Mary Jellison, Southwest Harbor
Eric Henry, Southwest Harbor
Bo Greene, Bar Harbor
Patsy Fogarty, Southwest Harbor
Elsie Flemings, Bar Harbor
Lindsay Eysnogle, Cranberry Isles
Kaitlyn Duggan, Cranberry Isles
Millard Dorrity, Bar Harbor
Dorothy and Jim Clunan, Mount Desert
Ken Cline, Bar Harbor
Tom Burton, Bar Harbor
Susan Covino Buell, Southwest Harbor
Milja Brecher-Demuro, Bar Harbor
Molly Bogue, Bar Harbor
Connie Blaney, Bar Harbor
Elmer Beal, Mount Desert