Doing better for Maine

To the Editor:

Brian Hubbell is running for the State Legislature in District 35, which includes Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, the Cranberry Isles and most of Mount Desert.

We come from each of these four communities.

We are enthusiastic supporters of Brian.

Brian has voluntarily spent years both here and in Augusta working to protect our communities’ schools from attempts at heavy-handed interference by Augusta. He knows how the Legislature really works.

We personally know that he approaches tasks like this with extraordinary dedication, uncommon intelligence, humor, patience, and a deep and sincere mutual respect for those with other perspectives.

It’s the type of work ethic and dedication we have seen him display as a long time member of his school board, as a participant in countless community activities, as a parent, and as a candidate. He has knocked on hundreds of our doors and has many more to go. He has a genuine interest in your perspective and concerns. We hope you get a chance to chat with him personally.

Lately, Augusta has become more fractious, aggressive, and sometime downright rude place.  Brian’s campaign slogan speaks volumes about how he would approach his job as our Legislator: “Let’s work together”.

But his cordiality aside, we need someone who fairly, accurately and stoutly represents the prevailing perspectives of our district. We need someone we can be sure will not be inclined or pressured to provide votes for the agenda of the current administration, which, by word and deed, has chosen to pursue policies that are not in our best interests on such topics as access to health care and health insurance, public education, fair tax policies, the right to vote, and adequate support for vital public needs.

Under this Administration, Maine was the only state in New England and one of only five in the nation whose economy shrank last year.  We are now dead last in personal income growth. Moody’s downgraded our credit rating last year in part because our state’s reserves are overly dedicated to providing tax cuts, 66% of which will go to the top 20% income earners.

We can’t go on like we are now. We can do better.

Let’s work together once again. Let’s elect Brian Hubbell to help restore a sense of what our state government can and should do that is prudent and positive for us all.

Connie Blaney, Bar Harbor, ME
Eric Henry, Southwest Harbor, ME
Julian Kuffler, MD MPH, Mount Desert, ME
Jeri Spurling, Cranberry Isles