Endorsement by Representative Elsie Flemings

I am honored to strongly support Brian Hubbell for State Representative to serve District 35, which includes Bar Harbor, Cranberry Isles, part of Mount Desert, and Southwest Harbor. As the current Representative for District 35, I have worked hard to bring the voices of my constituents to Augusta, to protect what we value, and to work for positive change.

I have absolute confidence that Brian Hubbell will serve us with dedication, energy, and effectiveness if elected as the next State Representative. Brian will bring to the Legislature extensive experience in public policy as well as his passion for our communities and state. As a leader on our school board, as a builder and contract manager, as the father of a wonderful high school student, as the husband of an incredible artist, and as a volunteer on numerous local endeavors, Brian demonstrates commitment to community and to service every day.

Brian is a deeply thoughtful listener. He is always interested in learning what community members are thinking, what they care about, and what their concerns are. This is a critical component of being an effective legislator – to seek out the opinions and ideas of constituents, and to be open to new information about the multitude of issues that arise throughout the legislative session.

Brian is an extraordinarily hard worker. From managing his construction business, (coordinating such projects as the Northeast Harbor Library), to advocating for our local schools, to volunteering as assistant coach for our high school track and cross country teams, Brian gives incredible time, commitment, and energy to all that he does. I have no doubt that Brian will bring this same dedication and perseverance to the Legislature.

Brian’s values and principles are what we need in Augusta. Brian is passionate about maintaining high quality public education, as a cornerstone of democracy and a critical component of equal opportunity. Brian is committed to supporting our local businesses and promoting sustainable, year-round prosperity. Brian knows that to have thriving businesses, it is critical to have healthy, educated workers. Brian is committed to supporting preventative health care, which improves people lives and reduces medical costs, increasing happiness and prosperity. Brian is passionate about ensuring access to high quality health care for all. He is committed to protecting our environment, addressing climate change, and ensuring clean air, clean water, and access to healthy food for all. Brian will bring these principles to Augusta, and he will work with dedication and thoughtfulness to serve our communities and help bring about positive change.

I am excited to be voting for Brian Hubbell as our next District 35 State Representative. I hope you will join me in electing Brian on November 6th.

Elsie Flemings

State Representative, District 35