Positions on 10 critical issues facing Maine:


Sustainable Communities, Education, Prosperity:
a compilation of concerns expressed by District 35 consituents

  • Thriving locally owned and operated businesses in self-determined communities
  • Effective and appropriate public education for all from early childhood through affordable colleges and trade schools
  • Schools that reflect the needs and opportunities within their communities
  • Equitable funding for all communities and school districts
  • Local food production from farms and fisheries sustainably managed by local stakeholders
  • Local manufacturing, community banks and credit unions
  • Decent jobs with livable wages
  • Commitment to access to quality health care as a fundamental human right
  • Investment in public infrastructure in transportation, energy, and communication
  • Building on the Maine Lobster Association’s success in bringing in their own scientists to bridge the mistrust between conservation advocates and fisheries stakeholders.
  • Better state-wide support of fisheries marketing
  • Affordable housing
  • Support for those suffering hardship with strong measures to fight root causes of poverty and homelessness
  • Women’s access to reproductive choice
  • Extending to gay and lesbian couples the same legal and social rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples.
  • Maintaining a strong, public Social Security program with rigorous regulation and protection of pension funds.
  • Individual choice in managing the end of one’s life
  • Transparency in government
  • Free exchange of ideas and information without control or censorship
  • Democratic accountability through campaign finance reform, publicly funded elections, non-partisan election commissions, and transparent elections in which every vote counts and no citizen is intimidated by restricted voter rights.
  • Conflict resolution through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, reconciliation, and restitution
  • Acknowledging a moral obligation to protect earth’s environment for the fruitful use of future generations.
  • Confronting the causes of human-induced climate change. ┬áReducing reliance on fossil fuels. Suppor the development and use of renewable energy. Reduce energy use through conservation, efficiency, and building standards. Decrease transportation costs by supporting local producers.
  • Supporting planned local control of development
  • Conservation of┬áland, water, forest, wetland, airspace, agricultural and marine resources, biodiversity, vital habitats, and fisheries.
  • Tax structure that supports local businesses and doesn’t subsidize corporations which seek to outsource jobs and businesses or exploit workers’ rights and the environment.
  • The arts
  • Humane treatment of prisoners

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