Values and principles

Here’s what I believe:

Public education is both a cornerstone of democracy and the foundation of the American vision of equal opportunity.  As such, it is our highest social obligation to maintain a publicly-governed system of schools providing comprehensive access to skills and knowledge.

In apparent contrast to our Governor and the dominant party, I believe that Maine people by nature are hard-working, resourceful, and compassionate – not lazy, greedy, and indolent.

In this recession, many Maine people have lost jobs and Maine businesses have lost income through no fault of their own.

As communities, we thrive on our connections — as families, as neighbors, and as economic partners.

Common commitment to community results when citizens have a real voice in decision-making.

Money doesn’t fall from the sky.

Prosperity follows when local businesses thrive and local banks reinvest in their communities.

Businesses depend on the skills of healthy, educated workers.

Preventative health care reduces medical costs.  Good health saves money, yielding both happiness and productivity.

Despite the examples of better ways to provide medical services in most other countries, the challenges of systematic reform of healthcare here remain immense.  But, a goal of civil prosperous society must be to have a family doctor for every family.

Communities are strengthened by families of all kinds built on committed loving relationships.

Prosperity depends on clean air, clean water, and diverse, dependable sources for healthy food.

Climate change and peak oil are both imminent problems. Every year that we postpone confronting difficult decisions about sustainable energy, shelter, food, and transportation weakens our children’s future.

Together we can make things better.

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