…a unique ability to get things done when the stakes are high, the time is short, and the pressure is on.

It is with the greatest pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse Brian Hubbell of Bar Harbor to become a member of the Maine House of Representatives.

I have known Mr. Hubbell for many years as a parent and school committee member during the time that I served as your superintendent of schools.

Brian has all the personal characteristics of a great leader. He is bright, hardworking, understanding, compassionate, and dedicated to doing the right thing all of the time to benefit the largest number of people possible.

He listens very carefully to all sides of an issue before making a decision that may have a profound effect on a person’s life and he does not take the impact of those decisions lightly.

Mr. Hubbell does not take no for an answer and can find his way to the root cause of a problem and work with the people to fix it with great tact and persistence.

Above all, Brian has a unique ability to get things done when the stakes are high, the time is short, and the pressure is on.

Brian Hubbell has been a selfless public servant for the citizens of MDI for many years. The time has come for those same citizens to broaden his positive influence on productive change and send him to AUgusta to represent them on the complex statewide issues that affect us all.

Robert Liebow,

An independent thinker and good listener with the best interests of the community at heart

I write to express my personal support for Brian Hubbell, a local candidate for  the Maine House of Representatives.

Maine Conservation Voters, a statewide, non-partisan organization where I serve as board chair, also has endorsed Brian in his bid for the Legislature along with 97 other candidates seeking Maine House and Senate seats.

These candidates stand out for their demonstrated commitment to protecting Maine’s environment.

Brian’s campaign approach – Lets Work Together for MDI – sums up what will be one of the great strengths he brings to the job. A genuine interest and ability to work together to govern Maine are much needed qualities in Augusta (as well as Washington, D.C.).

In his years of service on our district school board, Brian has proven himself a leader and creative problem solver. He’s an independent thinker, good listener and has the best interests of the community at heart.

A candidate’s environmental ethic is only one lens I use to evaluate a candidate, but for me it’s an important one. Maine’c lean air, water, land, and wildlife are the roots of our economy and way of life. Our natural resources support good health, recreations, and well-paying jobs in every corner of the state. The set Maine apart and are our biggest competitive advantage.

Go, Brian!

Caroline M. Pryor,
Mount Desert