Trust and gratitude: a report from the last mile of the campaign

Dear Friends,

Over the past six months, I’ve knocked on the doors of more than 3000 voters in this district. I’ve met a lot of good dogs, been welcomed with extraordinary warmth by many busy people, and routinely had my own preconceptions about our differences happily overturned.

The conversations I’ve had with all of you in your dooryards and kitchens have given me a uniquely privileged overview of the hopes and concerns in our part of Maine.

With overwhelming consistency, people have told me that they understand that the problems that Maine faces are urgent, real, and complex — and that they expect that solving these problems requires respectful negotiation, not entrenched ideology.

Not surprisingly, I’ve found that most share my belief that Maine is a place where resourceful, hard-working individuals thrive in association with vibrant, compassionate communities — and that this identity, in itself, represents perhaps Maine’s most valuable asset, a condition that, while endangered elsewhere, remains vital to our future here.

So, in these last few hours before the election, I want only to report that what I’ve learned fills me with courage and hope for the prospects for this state.

In sharp contrast to the present national narrative, I find we are not a district of polarized, mistrustful individuals. Rather, folks here deeply sense that our real peril lies in losing authority over our own future as we collectively lose local voice against distant influences of mindless gain and spiraling inequity of opportunity.

For our district and our state, I believe this is a struggle worth engaging.

No matter your preference, make sure you vote on Tuesday. I’m confident this state will thrive as we recollect our common individual values.

With gratitude,
Brian Hubbell for House District 35

One Comment on “Trust and gratitude: a report from the last mile of the campaign”

  1. Mark C says:

    Keep up the good work ! You can take a nap tomorrow