Why I’m running

I’m running to represent you and our towns in the state legislature.

I’m running because, in four terms on the school board, I’ve learned the power of community. Citizens working together create and support great schools – and all the public institutions and civic organizations that are the foundation of our community.

I’m running because I believe that the people of this district share a vision of sustainable community. I want to help support that successful future. I believe I can.

Community-governed institutions such as public schools embody the hope and opportunity of the American democratic ideal. We should invest in what we know we can do well together. Fragmenting community functions such as education into private interests pushes us apart.

Class of 2014I’m running because, as a parent, I want my daughter and her schoolmates to have the same opportunities that I did to earn my way through school, stay in Maine, and make a living in a vibrant community like ours where local businesses thrive and people care about their neighbors.

I know Maine people are decent, hardworking and resourceful. We are not divided by special interests or easily misled into mutual suspicion. In Augusta, I want to be a voice for common sense and common cause, not a shrill divider.

I’m running because I believe that when citizens have a real voice in government, they happily support common purpose and know that their well-being is linked to the well-being of their neighbors and fellow citizens.

We face real challenges: growing good jobs, rising health care costs, an uncertain energy future, depleted resources, and threats to public education. I believe we can solve these challenges if Maine citizens come together with mutual respect, resourcefulness, intelligence and compassion.

Coastal ChampionshipsTo me, being a representative means listening to you and so I’m eager to know what you think we can accomplish by working together in Augusta.

Please send me an email at Brian@Hubbell2012.com, keep track of the campaign on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

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